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Corporate Outdoor Headshot

1.  Research a Style: 
Do a search for “headshot photos” on the internet or Pinterest can give you a start at discovering a look that you would like. These days, there are all kinds of looks; blurry backgrounds, formal studio backgrounds, outdoors, black and white, smiling, not smiling, candids and more contemporary styles like the one pictured above.  What is the feeling you want to convey?  Do you want to look sexy, confident, authorative, etc. Please give those all some thought so you can be better prepared for your headshot.

business woman headshot
business headshot
realtor headshot

2.  Women in Business

Women should wear minimal jewelry and a jacket and collared shirt.  Keep colors soft and neutral. Dress as if you are going to a job interview.  A business portrait will have more pizazz when you look professional and it will give you years of usage.  If your business is more contemporary, or if you work in the casual technology field, you will probably not need a jacket, but will still need to look professional if the image is going on social media or a website.  A sweater or a long-sleeved oxford shirt will work best for a casual look.

male realtor headshot
man's headshot
businessman headshot

                                                                                                                                                                              3.  Men in Business

Men should also wear a jacket and collared shirt underneath. Whether or not to wear a tie is a man's discretion and depends on their job; however I am finding fewer and fewer men wear ties for their headshot. The clothing should be neutral; grays, blacks and blues work the best. It is a common question whether a man should be cleanly shaved. For business, I would recommend but for model and actor not necessarily.

male actor headshot
female actor headshot

4. Model and Actor Headshots

I recommend a more casual look to this genre of photography than business headshots. Just about anything goes, but I recommend professional hair and make-up before your headshot session. Not only will you look your best, the make-up actually means less retouching. We provide make-up at Lightscapes Portrait Studio for an additional $50. I recommend Joanie Parker Salon in Duluth for hair.

female model headshot

black and white headshot

Consider Black and White​

Black and white images can have a lot of impact depending on how they are used so always bring a white top or a black top.  If you are not sure if you like black and white, no worries; I convert each image you purchase to black and white for no additional charge.

Working with Mary has been an absolute pleasure.

"Mary Buck is not just a photographer - she is a true artist! I love the digital copies of my headshots. She is a consummate professional. But what really sets her apart is her customer service. When I arrived at her studio, I felt at home. The decorations and examples of her work on the walls made me feel like I was in my own living room. My experience with Mary was nothing less than A+, and I highly recommend her! You will not be disappointed."

Lara Sadowski - CEO First Write PR

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