Custom Family Portraits

What makes each family portrait special is that I custom design specifically for the client. Each portrait is a unique piece of artwork that no one else will have. I have experienced many outdoor family sessions, but one from last fall I will hold dear to my heart as one of the most unique family portrait outdoor sessions I have ever photographed. I had a family request to photograph them with their musical instruments. Each parent played the guitar and their son played the violin. I photographed them on a beautiful fall day late on a Saturday afternoon when the light was just right. The photographs in the field of tall grass were particularly stunning as the grass changed to a golden hue as the sun was setting. This type of family photography is very fulfilling to me as an artist by telling a story through my photography. The family I photographed will have fond memories for a long time. For more information on family photography in Atlanta visit my website or call (770) 623-1040


Mary Buck is a photographer, instructor and mentor in Atlanta. She owns Lightscapes Portrait Studio and teaches photography courses at Studio 2.8 Photography Learning Center. She recently opened an online store which called Message in a Petal, Inspirational Art Printed on Metal. You can view her portrait site here, the photography school here and the online store here.