Clothing Suggestions for Spring Portraits

Spring is just around the corner in Georgia. The flowers are starting to bloom and by early April the trees will be adorned with gorgeous spring green leaves. Spring is a beautiful time of the year in Georgia and that is why so many families asked to be photographed during this time. The most common question I am asked is “What should we wear for outdoor family portraits?” Here are some Clothing Suggestions for Spring Portraits. The days when everyone wore the same color top is out – now it is more about coordinating colors and creating a palette of tones. That is why I have created “Color Palettes” for each of the four seasons. The photograph shown, displays a very soothing combination of blues and salmon for the Spring. If you are not sure about what colors will work for you, I offer a FREE consultation for family portraits. Please call me at (770) 623-1040 so we can chat about your family portrait. The middle of April gets a little crazy, so call soon so we can book an appointment for your outdoor family portrait. Lightscapes Portrait Studio is located in Duluth GA. I can travel up to 10 miles to a nearby park or your home for spring portraits.



Mary Buck is a photographer, instructor and mentor in Atlanta. She owns Lightscapes Portrait Studio and teaches photography courses at Studio 2.8 Photography Learning Center. She recently opened an online store which called Message in a Petal, Inspirational Art Printed on Metal. You can view her portrait site here, the photography school here and the online store here.