Beautiful Outdoor Glamour Shots

The wonders of a simple new invention from Westcott Lighting – a new Shoot Through Reflector called the Omega. I saw an advertisement for this new reflector and thought I would give it a try.  It is so simple to use and creates amazing glamour shots both inside and outside. The reflector has a large opening in the middle, so the photographer can shoot through it to photograph a model.

The reflector has four reflective surfaces: white, gold, silver and black. Each one gives a slightly different look. The key is to use a natural or artificial source of light behind the subject to create a hair light and a light to bounce off the reflector. The result is a beautiful catch-light in the model’s eyes and beautiful outdoor glamour shots.

As you can see from the illustration on the left, the photographer is using the silver side. A simple off camera flash unit is behind the subject to create the hair light and the reflected light.

It took me a few days to get the hang of using this reflector. Lucky for me, I had a very patient model, Spencer, who is pictured below.

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Mature woman glamour photo

A Son’s Gift to his Mother

I’ve known Ron for several years.  We met in line at a Network Event in 2011 and hit it off right away. I love to meet with people and talk about their businesses and challenges. One day while chatting with Ron, I told him that I had just started a new line to my portrait business called “Bella Donna Glamour Portraits” for women of  all ages. He seemed interested in buying a package for his Mom.  One day several years later, he called my up and surprised me. He said he was ready to to buy his Mom a “Glamour Session” for Mother’s day from my photography studio.  He told me  so much about his Mom and I couldn’t wait to meet her.

The day finally came for the glamour session.  I hired Kelly Belin of Mary Kay Cosmetics for her make-up. She is not only good at what she does, she makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. After 45 minutes of make-up we were ready for the shoot.

I started indoors with a plain white background. My client brought in a gorgeous white, ruffly top and I wanted to accentuate the femininity of  white on white.  Around mid-way through the session, there was a blooper and my large white umbrella, fell backwards. Embarrassing myself, I kept telling my client “that this never happens.”  She even offered to help me. Ugh, not sure why I was having this problem, but I tried to not let it bother me. The session continued outdoors, this time she wore a long sleeved teal top which was a perfect jewel-toned accompaniment to the dark green foliage. Again, I had some equipment problems as the wind kept blowing the soft box over.  At this point, we just laughed about it. Lastly, we finished up inside with some soft window light.  The photo with the dark background is one of the last pictures I took and one of her favorites.

During the session my client remarked on how much she appreciated the gift from her son. “Ron is the best son ever” she said several times. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, and got the feeling she did too!

glamour portrait mature woman

The white on white background

Kelly Belin Mary Kay

Kelly Belin of Mary Kay cosmetics doing her magic.