Celebrate Mothers Project

2016-03-31_0001.jpgLast week I spent an afternoon cleaning out an old chest full of photographs and memorabilia. Although I dreaded the task, once I started going through all the old memories; family photographs, my kids’ artwork, and other pieces of the past, I fell into a state of nostalgic euphoria. I found myself reliving the fond memories of the past, when my kids were small.

My kids are grown now and living outside the house. I couldn’t be prouder of who they have become. When they were small, I couldn’t imagine ever having them leave the nest. But as the years went on, I saw how much they had matured and grown into strong, young adults.  Luckily for me, I have tons of photos of them when they were growing up. In the 90’s we took photos with film. Once the pictures were developed, I immediately placed them in albums and kept separate ones for each child and for the family photos.

One thing I noticed was that I was missing in many of the family photos. I took a lot of photos of my kids when they were growing up, but I am hardly in any of them because I was always the one who took the photos. The photo to the left was taken with my son in 1994 when he was just 6 years old.I did not know how much I meant to my son, until one day he came home from school with the artwork shown. Never again, did I omit myself from my family photos.

I do not want this to happen to you, so I started a “Celebrate Mothers Project” at Lightscapes Portrait Studio in Duluth. It will be held on April 12, 14, and 16.

What is Celebrate Mothers?

It is a Photography Session where I create beautiful photographs of a busy mom and her children, so she can look back when her children have grown and not regret that she was always behind the camera.The imagery is mixed with her hand-written words answering, “what do you want to remember most about your children at the age they are right now?” And the words or drawings of her children answering, “what do you love most about your mom?

Heartwarming photos of you with your kids aren’t frivolous – they’re a necessity.

Because to them? You’re too indispensable to be omitted from their past.

Learn more about Celebrate Mothers and how you can become a part of this exciting project.

Live Portrait Comes to Lightscapes Portrait Studio Atlanta

Introducing Live Portrait – “Where Your Pictures Come to Life”.

Your photograph instantly Live Portraitturns into a live video moment that will be cherished for years to come.

This is one of the most groundbreaking technical evolutions of the 21st century – Still photos come to life with a mobile app. Simply download the app, point the phone at the photo and it will instantly play a 15-20 second video and bring the subject’s to live. The app is called “Live Portrait” and it is available for free.

I have totally embraced this amazing new technology and I am offering the Live Portraits for all portrait sessions at Lightscapes Portrait Studio.

Try it yourself with this image. Download the app – Live Portrait – and watch the live action before your very own eyes.


silhouette photography

Father’s Day Gifts

silhouette portraitThe perfect Father’s Day gift – a silhouette portrait of their child(ren). It is a wonderful way to remember that time in the live of their child(ren). Best of all, the silhouette portrait is printed on metal so dad can display it in his office, workshop or even the back porch. Metal prints are striking and vivid and can be a focal point wherever it is displayed.
Sessions are limited for silhouette portraits for Father’s Day because I can only do one a day at sunset. I have only 15 minutes of shooting time during the sunset. I do the photography at the Duluth Town Green at around 8:45pm during the the month June. Gift certificates are also available for a Father’s Day Gift.  Father’s Day is June 21, 2015. Call (770) 623-1040 for more information.

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Outdoor Spring Portraits for Babies

May is my favorite time of the year for Outdoor Spring Portraits for Babies This little boy was easily amused by his siblings and was a pleasure to photograph on a warm and beautiful spring day. The photograph was taken in the side yard of Lightscapes Portrait Studio in Duluth. The rose garden is a perfect spot for outdoor photography. The image really struck me as so organic with the red and green background and the baby’s gorgeous skin tones. His sparkling blue eyes are the icing on the cake. For more information on children’s photography Atlanta contact me at Lightscapes Portrait Studio. (770) 623-1040.

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Fun Kids Portraits

portrait-of-child-chasing-bubblesI love to capture the spontaneity of a child playing by creating fun kids portraits. An unscripted session allows me to share my craft of unique vision for my clients. One of my taglines is: My vision…your memories. I love it when my clients trust me to fulfill that obligation. It is really my purpose, my WHY am I in the business of portrait photography. I promise my clients a one-of-a-kind custom portrait, one that they will enjoy for years to come. I often bring bubbles to a portrait session for that reason. I love to photograph bubbles; they are a translucency that is a magical addition to a children’s portrait.

I photographed this little girl on a warm, humid Georgia morning. It was the middle of the summer and we started early before it got too hot. She was very cooperative and loved being photographed. After a set of the typical posed images, I got out my bubbles and the rest of the session was pure magic. She acted as if no one else was present. Her interaction with the bubbles was priceless. She tried to juggle them, catch them, eat them, jump for them and chase them. She was tireless so the session went on and one. The parents were enjoying watching her as if they had never seen her react like that before. I think they were having as much fun as her. I certainly had fun too; not bad for a day’s work. After an hour or so we wrapped it up.

When I first saw the images, I was drawn to this one more than any of the others.

The conversion to black and white was done after the session. I love the softness of the image. I decided to do a split-tone so the bubbles still appear in color. The subtle black and white tones in this image are perfect for the mood of the image. I saved the original color image so I could compare the two and after some time, I decided I liked the black and white better.

The composition of the image was planned during the actual photography. I intentionally placed the subject off-center so she was running toward the bubbles. The attention is drawn to the little girl’s face and she tries to catch the bubbles. It took several attempts to make sure the child was captured in action with no blur to her hands or feet. Although there is no blur, there is movement I her hair and her dress which shows movement in the scene.

One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Seuss “sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” has been a mantra of mine for a long time. It has been one of the core principles for my children and family photography. When I was photographing her I was thinking just how the parents will feel about this image in years to come. Fun kids portraits, candid photography, lifestyle photography all mean the same and it is why I love to do.