The Classic Infant Pose

classic infant poseThe classic infant pose brings a smile to the parents’ faces every time. I have been photographing infants since 1999, and there is a pose for the 4 month session that I could not live without doing each time. At 3-4 months, an infant’s neck is usually strong enough so they can life their head for several seconds. I use a large beanbag pillow and place the infant’s torso on it facing the camera. Then I carefully position the hands and arms (holding hands or close to it is preferable). With the help of the parents who stand behind me and camera left, so the baby is looking into the light, I have them call the baby’s name and play peek-a-boo behind the main light softbox. This  always gets the sweetest smiles from the baby. I shoot quickly because I know that my time is limited.  I love this pose and do at every infant portrait session usually starting at the 4 month session.

For more information on infant photography please contact me, Mary Buck, Lightscapes Portrait Studio (770) 623-1040