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Best Weather for Fall Outdoor Portraits

outdoor fall portraitsClients love to be photographed in the outdoor fall colors and many ask ” What is the Best Weather for Fall Outdoor Portraits?”  The fall colors in Georgia usually start the 3rd week of October and can extend all the way through Thanksgiving weekend.  It is not unusual for me to photograph families outdoors on Thanksgiving weekend with just sweaters on. The Best Weather for Fall Outdoor Portraits though is when it is cloudy or overcast.  The colors of the leaves are more vivid in cloudy weather.  Also the overcast light is even light and the clouds act like a giant soft-box for lighting. I typically always use a little fill flash however, to bring out the eyes of the subjects.

Last weekend I photographed a family that I have been seeing every fall for years for their holiday portraits and holiday cards. The forecast was for 100% rain, however there was a 3 hour window in the morning where no rain was predicted. We hit the timing just right and had a fabulous outdoor portrait session.  I just love the background colors (which look like painting).  The family pose shows their love for each other and that was the icing on the cake.   For more information on Lightscapes Portrait Studio family portraits visit the website.


Mary Buck is a photographer, instructor and mentor in Atlanta. She owns Lightscapes Portrait Studio and teaches photography courses at Studio 2.8 Photography Learning Center. She recently opened an online store which called Message in a Petal, Inspirational Art Printed on Metal. You can view her portrait site here, the photography school here and the online store here.