Actor and Model Headshots and Portfolios

Atlanta is becoming mecca for film and TV studios and is recruiting new talent on a daily basis.  Lightscapes Photographic Artwork is rising to the occasion by offering professional actor and model headshots and portfolios. It is quite a stretch from portrait photography, so we have retrofitted our studio with new lights, reflectors to accommodate this growing market. We are happy to announce that we are able to provide photography, video and comp cards for models and actors within the Atlanta market.

Hair and make-up is available upon request and highly recommended. Due to Georgia State Law, the fees for the hair and make-up are determined by the make-up artist and fees are paid directly to them. Make-up and hair can cost between $150 and $350 for an entire session, depending on which one you  select. If you are interested in hair and make-up you must let us know in advance so we can book a make-up artist during your visit with us.

Our retouching style is subtle and simple and we only retouch the images that you order. We follow industry standards and keep retouching to a minimum so that you have an accurate representation of your look for the agency. We never remove moles or birthmarks. We will soften facial lines, retouch shadows under the eyes and slightly whiten teeth.  We will also remove blemishes, remove stray hairs, and lint on clothing. We use our discretion when retouching and try and keep you as realistic as possible.

We offer four packages featuring different looks, clothing changes, locations, and add-ons. Pricing starts at $199 and go up to $1099 for The Works Package.  A deposit of $100 is required when booking your session. If you need to reschedule, a 48 hour notice must be given.A contract will be sent to you in advance which will need to be signed before the session begins.

We will also send you a “What to Expect” PDF so you will know what type of clothing and accessories to bring to the photo shoot, and how to prepare for your session. A well-rested individual will result in the most relaxing and enjoyable session.

Comp Cards

We offer two types of comp cards: 5.5 x 8.5 printed cards or video comp cards. The printed cards are pictured below and can be vertical or horizontal format. The comp cards are priced at $249 for 50 cards which includes the electronic file so you may place future orders. Video comp cards are a video version of your comp cards and are priced at $499. The video is delivered to you as an MP4 so you can place it on YouTube and social media. The Works package includes 50 comp cards and the video comp card.

Hard Copy Comp Cards

model comp card front
model comp card front
model comp card front
model comp card back

Video Comp Cards


  • Lights

  • $199
    1 hour/2 looks
  • 2 backdrops
  • studio and outdoors
  • 2 medium res files
  • 2 retouched images
  • comp card extra
  • video extra
  • Book Now!
  • Camera

  • $299
    1.5 hours/3 looks
  • 2 backdrops
  • studio and outdoors
  • 3 medium res files
  • 3 retouched images
  • comp card extra
  • video extra
  • Book now
  • The Works

  • $1099
    4 hours/8 looks
  • 2 backdrops
  • Studio and on location
  • 8 medium res files
  • 8 retouched images
  • 50 comp cards
  • 30 sec. video comp card
  • Book now

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